Art, Craft & Design Centre Exclusively for Children

Sat Workshop 10.30 to 12pm

Daily Camps 2pm to 4pm

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Weekly Afternoon Camp

School Term Sessions

Bulk Buy Sat and Sun Workshops

Hi; Welcome to imagination station. I am Arty Marty. Imagination station is an art Craft and Design Centre exclusively for children. It is a space that has been specially designed to encourage children to think imaginatively, creatively and responsibly. We believe that creative play and imagination are the keys to a better future.  We believe that all children are creative. Children can create whatever they wish in whatever way they feel is right for them but we are always on hand to guide them in making the creative decisions that will help them achieve the outcome they want. We have a treasure trove room full of wonderful materials and tools that children are free to use in making their dreams a reality. We believe that every child is a super hero and within their imagination lies the solutions to many of the world problems

We are extremely proud of the Covid protocols that we have implemented to keep children safe including our custom built, socially distant, themed pods for each child Come join us in any of our camps which can be booked online here.